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Our apologies.  The organization is on hold indefinitely.  For inquiries, contact us at  Thank you.



We hope to build an organizational culture with diverse individuals with complementary experiences and interests, knit together in sound principles of group work!

Employee benefits are expected to provide for a lifestyle including health care, vacation, reasonable work schedule, personal leave, professional development and holidays. We plan to pay a modest but reasonable hourly wage supplemented by modest financial incentives for your contributions to the epi mission.  Compensation to all employees is expected to be almost to completely flat across positions.  Billable rates over and above payroll shall be applied to epi’s mission and projects to build peace, foster sustainability and restore the Earth’s natural systems.  This is about meaningful employment with a healthy lifestyle working with wonderful people.


Independent Offices and Joint Work Sessions

We use online tools to coordinate resources and manage projects. On non site specific projects, you work from your own home office.  We plan to hold annual retreats and joint work sessions with all associates twice a year.  Joint work sessions may require travel to the session location for periods of two to four weeks at that time.


epi focuses attention on what it takes to create a world built on communities that work.  epi's website is designed for interactive, online discussion.

epi's web icons are images of 19th century scientific instruments and cultural resources.  Our icons are meant to evoke the observational strategies of Charles Darwin and other scientists including biologists, naturalists, anthropologists and even physicists. These set the stage for epi's blog: Hiking with Darwin.